Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my AGA membership?
You get an official handicap that is calculated by the Golf Handicap Information Network, GHIN. Your handicap index update will be emailed to you from GHIN. We also publish a monthly newsletter. The tournament schedule, tournament scores, and other pertinent information are listed in the newsletter and posted on the website. You have the opportunity to enter tournaments several times a month.  Drinks and food may occasionally be provided after some tournaments at the discretion of the entertainment chairman. We also conduct an annual Club Championship.[ top ]Who manages the AGA?The AGA has a board of directors that meet on a regular basis. The board consists of 8 officers and the Past President.  Board members are elected to two year terms with half the board seat becoming open each year.  The officers are elected once per year in the Fall after the Club Championship.  Any member can run for office.All AGA members are welcome to attend the monthly board meetings. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month. The location and time is listed in the newsletter.

Can I bring a handicap from another club? Yes, we will assign you a special, one-time AGA tournament index equal to 80% of that handicap index for your first AGA tournment.  We will then use your first AGA tournament score to establish an AGA tournament index to be used in future AGA tournaments.

How often and when is my GHIN handicap updated?The GHIN handicaps are updated twice a month. To view the complete Texas Golf Association handicap revision schedule, click here.

​I want to know more about how USGA handicaps work?
​See the USGA Handicap website for more information.

What is the tournament frequency and format? We have tournaments approximately every two weeks usually at Municipal courses in the Austin area. Most are held on Sunday and most are 18 hole events. Most tournaments are individual format, flighted by handicap. We also have a 2-man best ball, Stableford, and 4-club tournaments. See the calendar for more detailed information or the FAQ titled "What is the tournament schedule?"

How do I enter a tournament? The calendar on this website lists all upcoming tournaments. You can enter a tournament by signing up at the previous tournament, RSVPing via the eClubhouse (this website) ,or you can call the AGA Hotline (512) 961-8558 and leave your name and phone number.  For most tournaments, the deadline for signup is the Sunday prior (one week before) the scheduled tournament date. Some tournaments have a cap on players, so RSVP early.If you sign up after the deadline, you will be put on an alternate list and WILL NOT be guaranteed a spot in the tournament.If you sign up for a tournament and do not show up, you are responsible for your green fee. This must be paid before the next tournament. To drop out call the AGA Hotline by 6 PM Wednesday.

Now that I am entered into a tournament what else do I need to know? Plan to check in for the tournament at least 30 minutes prior to your tee time for registration and to pay your fees. If you do not show up in time to check-in you may lose your place to a substitute. Your entry fee includes green fee, but not cart rental or range balls unless otherwise noted on the schedule. Handle cart rental with the pro shop.

What are the rules under which tournaments are played? All tournaments are played by the USGA Rules of Golf as amended by local course rules.  In most cases a list of any applicable supplemental rules will be handed out when you check in at the tournament.  When you are playing and don't know a ruling, play two balls under Rule 3-3, record both scores and a clarification will be made later.  Please report rules violations to the tournament director.

How much does it cost to play in a tournament? The cost for each tournament will be slightly higher than the normal green fee and must be paid upon arrival by cash or check only. Currently, the city of Austin charges the AGA a nominal surcharge per player for a tournament. A cart and/or range balls are not included in the entry fee unless otherwise noted on the tournament schedule.[ top ]How do I get my tournament tee-time?Tee times will be posted on the website by Friday evening for a Sunday tournament or Thursday evening for a Saturday tournament.

What if I want to play with a certain group? You can do this two ways. When you use eClubhouse to sign up for a tournament, add your request to the RSVP. You can also just mention it on the Hotline when signing up. Indicate the name(s) of the player(s) you would like to be paired with. If possible, the request will be honored, however in some cases, it may not be possible to honor the request, e.g. due to conflicting requests from other players. It is up to the discretion of the Tournament Director.

What if I have a tight schedule, can I ask for a special tee-time? You can do this two ways. When you use eClubhouse to sign up for a tournament, add your request to the RSVP. You can also just mention it on the Hotline when signing up. We will always try to accommodate special requests, but we cannot guarantee this. It is up to the discretion of the Tournament Director.

What if I forgot my username or password to the website? Contact Rex Davis at  Your password will be reset and access tested and verified.

Which courses does the AGA play? The AGA usually plays the Austin area municipal courses:  Lions, Jimmy Clay, Roy Kizer, and Morris Williams.Other courses are played depending on availability and interest, e.g. in the past we have played: Falconhead, Grey Rock, Star Ranch, Lakecliff, Onion Creek, Teravista, Cowan Creek, and others.Please see the calendar for specific courses.

How is my tournament handicap set? Refer the the AGA Tournament Guidelines for details on how tournament handicaps work.

What is the maximum score I can take on a hole? During tournaments there is no maximum.  However, all scores posted to GHIN or to the AGA handicap system must be adjusted by applying 'equitable stroke control' (ESC).  Based on your course handicap, the maximum score you can post for a hole is:Course HandicapMax Score0-9Double bogey10-19720-29830-39940 or more10Eligible AGA tournament scores are adjusted and posted for you.  You will need to adjust all non-tournament scores prior to posting to GHIN.

How are the players assigned to flights? We use your course handicap which is based on your AGA tournament handicap index and the slope rating for the course's various tees.  Our goal is to have at least 4 flights, with 10-20 players per flight while limiting the handicap range within the flight to six or less except for the last flight.  How well we do this depends on how many players sign up for the tournament.  The more players the better.

I'm a new member and I don't have an established handicap of any kind, can I still play in tournaments? Absolutely.  You are placed in a flight based on using the scores you typically shoot - we take your word for it.In your first tournament, you may compete in the gross pool and/or skins games in your flight.  You may also compete in the closest-to-the-pin game against all players.  You will not be eligible to compete in the net pool.  To compete in the net pool game, you must have a GHIN handicap index and/or an AGA handicap index. To establish a GHIN handicap index, you will need to post at least five recent scores.  To establish an AGA handicap index you must have played in at least one tournament in which you entered either the gross or net pool games.

How do you keep people from sandbagging? This will always be an ongoing battle that all handicap associations face.  In AGA tournaments, we use handicaps based only on AGA tournament scores.  These scores are attested to by other members playing in the tournament making it difficult for members to sandbag.It is up to the members to keep an eye on each other.  Players may intentionally break the rules (cheat) - hopefully, this is rare.  Most rules violations are made out of ignorance.  It's your responsibility to the rest of the players to call a player on rules violations - if you can, let them know before they do it.We play by ALL of the rules of golf in every tournament.  We prefer that you do on an everyday basis.  This means no mulligans, don't roll the ball for a better lie, no grounding your club in the hazard, etc.  It will make you a better golfer and your handicap will be accurate. This will also make our association stronger and more reputable.

Is there a club championship tournament? The club championship is a two-day tournament, usually held in September. Each round will be played at a different course. There is also a dinner the night before the tournament where we have a Calcutta for those who want to participate.Open the attached file for more details on the club championship rules.

Am I allowed to use X-outs or practice balls in AGA tournaments? Yes, as long as the ball is on the list of USGA approved golf balls.

What do the Search Zip Code and Radius features do on the myGame page?The "Search Zip Code" will populate the "Find Other Players", "Club News", "Upcoming Events", "My Events" and "Weather" modules with applicable public content from eClubhouse sites within a "Radius" of X mile from the center point of the Zip Code you provide. The radius default is 1.0.Great to use when planning a golfing vacation! Find out news and events from the area you are visiting! Connect with a golfer from the area and meet up for a round of golf!To change the Search Zip Code and populate your dashboard with content from another area, simply click the numerical Zip Code (located above the USGA Handicap Index module). Enter the new Zip Code and press "Submit". When you return from your trip - just change it back to your local Zip Code!You can change the radius (i.e. reduce or increase the range of news/events) by using the radius drop-down box and modifying the setting.

What's the players' pool payout schedule? Open the attached files to see detail on the ratios, percentages, and dollars paid out based on the number of players in a flight.  The dollar payout is based on a $10 per game entry fee.The payout schedule is based on a variation of the Fibonacci sequence, a commonly used algorithm for this purpose. New Payout Schedule - Ratios & Percentages New Payout Schedule - $

What scores do I need to post to GHIN? The basis of the USGA / GHIN handicap system is that members post all acceptable scores without undue delay.  With few exceptions, almost every round you play will generate an acceptable score.  Note that the AGA tournament committee will post all tournament scores for you.What qualifies as an ‘acceptable’ score?Scores from all forms of competition even though the competitions may result in players not finishing a hole or not playing one or more holes, e.g. conceding putts or holes or requesting that players pick up when out of contention on a hole.  
These include:        
Stroke play and match play.        
Team and multi-ball competitions.       
Skins games.
​Rounds w/ at least 7 complete holes are to be posted as 9-hole rounds.  Rounds w/ at least 13 complete holes are to be posted as 18-hole rounds.  Scores for holes not completed are to be based on par plus any handicap strokes the player is entitled to on that hole. DQ’d rounds.  Even though a player may be DQ’d, they may have an acceptable score.What would qualify as an ‘unacceptable’ score?A round with less than 7 complete holes.A round not played under Rules of Golf, e.g. a scramble format or if the player played two balls.A round played with less than 14 clubs or limited types of clubs, e.g. the 4-club tournament.The course has no USGA course rating/slope.The player used non-conforming clubs or artificial devices during play.How to adjust holes scores for:Holes not finished, e.g. when playing ‘gimmees’ or picking up.  Players are to record their ‘most likely’ score if they would have finished the hole not to exceed their ESC limit (see below), e.g. if the player is lying 4 within 6” of the hole, a one-putt 5 is the most likely score; however, if the player is lying 4 but is 15’ from the hole, a two-putt 6 is the most likely score.Holes not played.  Scores for holes not completed are to be based on par plus any handicap strokes the player is entitled to on that hole.Equitable Stroke Control (ESC).  Prior to posting your score, hole scores must be adjusted using ESC (see table below).  The purpose of the ESC is to reduce unusually high scores to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability.Course HandicapMax Number on any Hole 9 or less Double Bogey 10 through 197 20 through 29830 through 39940 or more 10

Special Tournament Format RulesThe majority of AGA tournaments are simple individual, stroke-play events.  However, we typically have 4-6 special formats events each season.   Some of these are held every year; e.g.:27-Hole Match Play (usually held sometime in the Spring).Club Championship (a 2-day event held in September).4-Club Championship (last tournament of the year, held in early December).Open the appropriate document to see the rules for any of the special tournament formats. 2-Man 6-6-6 Rules 4-Club Championship Rules ABCD Scramble Rules 27-Hole Match Play Rules 2-Man Best Ball Rules Spring Partnership Rules 2012 Points Race Rules[ top ]Are there any standing local rules?