Board of Directors

The AGA is managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors. Elections for new board members are held every year usually in November. Board members are elected to 2-year terms. The Board of Directors schedules and runs all tournaments, manages GHIN handicaps and determines local rules and all tournament rulings. 

The current Board of Directors for 2022:

Tracey Calloway: President 

TBD: Vice President & Past President

Paul Bishop: Tournament Director 

Pete Allman: Treasurer 

TBD : Secretary 

At Large Members:  Bruce Morrison, Carol Lee, Stephen Dickman, Ramesh Radhakrishnan

We're the Austin Golf Association (AGA)!


Stroke play and gross skins is determined by flight.  CTPs are determined by the entire field.  Entering all the games at a tournament is usually an additional $35 -$40  ($10 gross + $10 net + $10 skins + $5 - $10 CTP). When you multiply that across the field, the competition can be very competitive and rewarding!   There is an AGA fee of $5 per tournament to cover merchant fees, tournament supplies and services.

Tournaments registration/payment (via Venmo or Credit Card link via invite) is due no later than the Sunday NOON before the upcoming Sunday tournament.

Annual Dues

Our tournament season runs from January through December.  Dues for a full season are $64.  For couples (adults), the dues are $93 ($64 for the first member and $29 for spouse/partner).  Junior family members (under 18 years old) may join for free. Membership includes a GHIN handicap index which is required for all AGA tournament participation and accepted at most tournaments played outside the AGA.  To register for members, select SignUp, on our home page, by clicking here.

Guests can play up to two tournaments each season prior to being required to join.


Founded in 1947 and originally only hosting one tournament a year, (The Firecracker Open), the AGA has over 200 members and hosts a competitive tournament approximately every other Sunday.

Tournaments usually consist of a field of 48-80 players divided into 4-6 flights based on USGA handicap and played under USGA rules.  Payouts per flight are for skins, 1st, 2nd, 3rd for low gross and low net.  AGA also pays closest to the pin on all par 3's per flight or sometimes across the field.  Winning awarded often exceed $2000 per event paid via Venmo or cash at the next tournament.

Our golf tournament participants can also sign-up for our annual Points competition which begins in February.  Golfers earn points based on tournament winnings and participation. At season-end, prize money is awarded to the top point-earners, based on amount of money collected through sign-up fees from the Points competition.

AGA also may plan other golf events which support a fun and competitive golf environment.