Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join The Austin Golf Association (AGA) and what are the membership fees?
Players of any skill level can join the AGA by going to our website at and clicking on the Join/Renew button. You will be taken to the Texas Golf Association website to sign up.

  • Annual Dues for a full season are $64.
  • Couples Dues (adults) are $93
    • $64 for the first member
    • $29 for their spouse
  • Junior family members (under 18 years old) may join for free.
  • All members will receive a GHIN Handicap used for competition and updated after each tournament.
  • New members without an established handicap must provide us with information from the last five rounds they played (scores, tee boxes, and courses) so we can flight them as closely as possible. Over time GHIN will properly establish a handicap based on tournament results. New members without this information submitted will not be allowed to participate in Net games.

What Skill Level is required for AGA?
All skill levels are welcome. We group tournament players in flights based on similar handicaps in an effort to make all flights as competitive as possible. Members should know the basic rules of golf, since this is tournament golf.

Are Guests/Non-Members allowed to Play in AGA Events?
Guests and/or Non-Members are welcome to play in ALL AGA Events except for the Club Championship or Match Play events. Non-Members are invited to play two regular stroke play AGA tournament prior to joining the league.

How are pairings created & can I play with a friend or group?
We make every effort to honor pairing and time requests. In order to maintain a good pace of play we try to avoid pairing up handicaps and tee boxes that are too far apart (1st flight and 3rd/4th flight, etc.) and ultimately will work to accommodate pairing requests so we can ensure the best playing experience for everyone.

How do you cancel or withdraw from an event?
Deadlines to withdraw from an event are based on course contracts.  Players who cancel after the course's contract deadline will incur fees based on charges to AGA.  Please notify the Tournament Director immediate, cancel via the confirmation link from Golf Genius or email 'contact us' if you are unable to play.  Late withdrawals or no-shows may incur Green Fee penalty at their next event.

Tournament Structure, Fees, and Prizes

Most AGA tournaments are Stroke Play format, however there are various other playing formats, to include Ryder Cup, Alternate Shot, and 4-Club Championship. 

Online Sign Up through Golf Genius at this website is opened at Monday by 10 a.m. after the previous tournament (typically two weeks before the next tournament). Email notifications are sent to active AGA members. Tournament results are typically posted on the website the Tuesday after the tournament. Membership inviting guests or having pairing requests should notify the manager from this link.

Tournament flights are structured by GHIN handicap. We make every effort to keep flights within a tight handicap range. Flights are usually 10-17 players and we can run between 4-6 flights. There are a number of fees that factor into the cost of a tournament:

  • Green Fees vary by course. The AGA plays both public and premium courses throughout the Austin area at a contract rate, which may differ from individual rates.
  • AGA Fee: This is a set $5 fee for management of the organization (miscellaneous taxes, merchant fees, tournament supplies, etc.)
  • Carts: Typically not included in the tournament fees as many players opt to walk or ride in a single cart for an extra fee, especially at municipal courses.
  • Range Balls: Inclusion varies by course.

Tournaments also games player participate in:

  • Gross ($10): Raw Score (vs. Flight)
  • Net ($10): Score adjusted by course handicap (vs. Flight)
  • Skins ($10): Best score on a hole is awarded a share of the prize pool (vs. Flight)
  • Closest to the Pin ($4 - $6): Contest on all Par 3s awarded to the closest pin seeker (vs. Field)
  • There is also a $5 AGA administration fee which covers credit card fees, tournament supplies, refreshments and player appreciation giveaways.

Prizes are awarded based on entries and flight configuration:

  • Gross/Net Prizes:
    • Awarded on a per flight basis
    • Flights pay out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (50%/30%/20% split)
  • Skins Prizes:
    • Awarded on a per flight basis
    • The prize pool is divided by the number of skins (best score per hole) won
      • Example: 10 players X $10 = $100 Prize Pool
        • 5 Skins tallied = $20 per skin
        • If a player collects on two of those skins, player wins $40 (2 x $20)
  • Closest to the Pin (CTP):
    • Awarded against the entire field  or sometimes per flight
    • CTP goes to the player with the closest shot on any Par 3
  • Bonus Games: Maybe played and funded by the Club depending on the tournament.

Official results are available no later than Wednesday after the tournament.